The Best Christian Songs for Recovery from Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Joe pours it out in the track, describing his struggles with alcohol and cocaine addiction. Upon returning from a New Zealand trip in 1989, he sought help to overcome his addiction issues. ‘Save Me’ is one of the most popular addiction songs and the emotional torture that comes with it. Does anyone know any of Taylor Swift’s tricks for producing hit song after hit song?

songs about alcoholism

They show that people who have seemingly good lives are as prone as we are to drug use and/or alcohol abuse. A song talks to us of their struggle and in that, we can find strength. Eminem sings of the dark time when he spiraled into drug abuse and lost his creative side with this song. The lyrics make it clear that the rapper understood the severe negative impact of his addicted state on his own life and the lives of his loved ones. It also highlights the struggle the addict themselves experience as they wrestle constantly with inner demons and their own weakness and failures during addiction recovery. Here are nine songs about addiction and recovery that may make good additions to your recovery playlist.

Breaking the Habit (Linkin Park)

If you’re suffering from addiction, find a therapist or counsellor who can help you minimize your suffering and recommend someone to help you recover from your addiction. Music has a profound ability to help us through difficult times in life and keep us focused on what’s really important. As you live your new lifestyle of sobriety, you’ll have good days 5 Tips to Consider When Choosing a Sober Living House and bad ones, but this list of songs about addiction and recovery may provide inspiration, hope, and healing when you need it most. Written by Steven Tyler and Richie Supa, “Amazing” is a powerful ballad about climbing back up after you have hit rock bottom from addiction. The song describes the painful life of drug and alcohol abuse and addiction.

When we struggle to understand our innermost thoughts and struggles, we often turn to music to make sense of them. Drinking until your problems disappear probably isn’t sound advice, but coming from Haggard it almost sounds like wisdom. Some consideration was given to ‘I Gotta Get Drunk,’ a 1970 Willie tune covered wonderfully by Phosphorescent in 2009.

Songs Of Horror And Alcoholism

The song was inspired by fans of Linkin Park, who used the band’s music to get through dark periods. Neil Young wrote this track about Danny Whitten’s struggles with addiction and subsequent death. As the title suggests, the song talks about what happens in the long run when one has substance abuse problems. The line “cellar door” refers to the Cellar Door club in Washington, D.C., where Young and Whitten had both performed.

songs about alcoholism

This supremely confident pop tune is one for the folks who don’t know when to stop (for better or worse), consequences, weeknights and pesky neighbors be damned. Sign up for our email to enjoy your city without spending a thing (as well as some options when you’re feeling flush). Scared straight, the barkeep gladly began topping off all of his patron’s glasses, weakening the devil enough that Patrick was able to banish his ratty ass for good.

Sober (Demi Lovato)

The song addresses the fact that far too often abuse and addiction go hand in hand with living in the spotlight and how many times it is expected of those who are in the limelight. It also brings to light the way people on the outside tend to glorify this way of living. Written by one who experienced the downward spiral of addiction first hand, the lyrics of this song by Jamey Johnson speak of the numbing cycle that many addicts find themselves in. Only through rehab, prison, and hard inner soul searching did Jonson get clean and this is the exact same struggle millions are going through right now in our country as they face drug addiction.

She desires a fresh start and cuts off all the toxic people in her life. The woman is proud of her recovery journey, unwilling to blame or compare herself to anyone. In one of the best sober songs, Kelly Clarkson describes a woman relishing a new life after three months of sobriety. ‘The A Team’ tells the tale of a young prostitute called Angel, who’s addicted to crack cocaine.

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